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Utility Research and Utility Loyalty Profile

The Utility Loyalty Profile™ (ULP) applies to any consumer or commercial utility relationship. It is designed to use a combination of both standard and advanced analysis methods to provide a Business Loyalty Profile™ scorecard.


The Alta Vista Research ULP system incorporates a mixture of quantitative methods as well as qualitative techniques where desired. Designed  professionals with years of customer service experience, the ULP offers careful sampling techniques, meticulous fielding, and revealing advanced analysis methods.


The results of the study, usually conducted in regular intervals (e.g., annually or every 18 months), provide a Utility Loyalty Profile™ score. In addition, areas of importance and satisfaction, both stated and latent, are revealed, along with potential action items the study uncovers. The final result is a Utility Loyalty Profile™ Report Card which can be used for internal and external benchmarking and comparison as well as trending.


Business customer-oriented utilities can use the results from the Utility Loyalty Profile to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement in their own operations as well as trend and benchmark their brand and service perceptions over time or against others.



Some of the companies for which we have worked include: