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When you need to know!


Academic Rigor. Real world Experience

Conducting advanced research projects in a number of industry specialties. Our focus includes consumer, business to business, agriculture, utilities, communities, healthcare, financial institutions and other areas. In partnership with Loras College, our team of experienced professionals brings extensive knowledge and expertise to provide the answers you need to make informed decisions.


Information without experience is just data. Our team and methods provide the important next step: context. This perspective puts the information in context and provides a more holistic environment in which to put the findings to work in your organization.


The end result is our clients get the best of both worlds: academic rigor with real-world experience that is hard to match!





In addition to Loras faculty and staff, AVR also uses students and non-Loras researchers as appropriate in order to provide our clients with top-level, industry-specific experts and the best research investment value possible.


We have a super team of executive interviewers available for handling individual interviews and recruiting for C-level executives, professionals and other hard-to-reach respondents. Most are recent retirees who still have an interest and ability in the market research field.


Our interview team members are especially helpful in business-to-business (B2B) research projects as they are well-educated, experienced in high level conversation topics, know how to probe for important details, and are naturally curious.

Our executive interview team includes:





Our analyst team provides experience, in-depth analysis using both standard and advanced methodologies. Our group, all with advanced degrees, includes:



All of our team members have degrees in the social sciences or in business, with extensive backgrounds in research techniques, statistical analysis and the application of the resulting insights.