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When you need to know!



We use a variety of techniques to gather attitudes, perceptions, opinions and experiences from those respondents of interest. This allows us to not only obtain the surface (stated) opinions but also delve deeper to uncover the un-stated (or latent) attitudes and perceptions. These “under the surface” viewpoints are often more meaningful and insightful – and therefore more valuable and actionable.


A few of our advanced quantitative techniques include Kano Methodology, Conjoint Analysis, MaxDiff, Von Westendorp modeling, and others. Each is designed to reveal different types of underlying sentiments and attitudes toward products, services, relationships, preferences, and communication materials.


Combined with the context afforded by an experienced team of consultants and analysts, advanced analysis uncovers the valuable information that provides insightful conclusions and actionable results.  This is the advantage Alta Vista Research provides our clients.


Advanced analysis commonly reveals the following types of insights:


- Those factors which are, in reality, most important

- The price a buyer would actually pay for a product or service

- What is a deal breaker?

- What is a deal maker?

- What would really cause them to come (or leave)?

- What truly drives loyalty?

- Where your organization’s time and effort is best spent?